Technical Details

  • Cameras used:
    • A-Camera: Canon C100 Mark II
    • B-Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
    • C-Cameras: GoPro Hero 8 Black & GoPro Hero 7 Black

  • Drone coverage may be added to your package, but pricing would be determined by the pilot. If you'd like to add it, I'll find some pilots available on your date and give you some pricing options.
  • All packages include unlimited number of locations within the time allotted.
  • All packages include up to 9 hours of coverage, which means no matter how short or long your day is, you won't have to worry about squeezing everything in. Your whole day is covered. If all else fails, we can always add some extra time later on as your timeline starts coming togther.
  • Before your wedding day, I'll contact your venue, photographer, and DJ to coordinate any technical details with them.

I am also covered by liability insurance in case a certificate of insurance is required by your venue.

Turnaround time:
  • Trailer edit: ~8 weeks
  • Expedited Trailer edit: <4 weeks
  • Full-Day edit: ~10 weeks
  • Highlight Reel edit: ~10 weeks
  • Quiz Time edit: ~10 weeks
  • Hard copy: ~10 weeks

Blu-Rays come in a traditional plastic case with a custom decorative insert.
USBs are about the size of a nickel, include a lanyard and come in a small wooden ring box.

1080p HD
4K Upgradable  
Chapter Breaks   

Can you recommend any other wedding vendors?

These vendors get no kickbacks or sponsership cuts. I simply recommend them because they do great work and make the day more fun, relaxed and enjoyable for everyone including myself.

Here are my top recommended photographers that I've had the pleasure of working with multiple times. These photographers do exceptional work and, just as importantly, keep the day running smoothly while adding a fun, calm and creative energy to the day.

Liz & Conrad - somethingbluephoto.com
Meg - brilliantbeephotography.com
Hannah - hannahperssonphoto.com
Mindy - mindyjoyphotography.com
Larissa & Matt - larissamarie.com
Diego - maplewoodphotography.com
Michael - michaelnovophotography.com
Sandra - Wedding Wire
Danielle - danielleheinson.com

Here are my top recommended DJ's/musicians. These folks keep the dance floor packed, the audio on-point, and do a superb job coordinating with all your vendors to keep things on track and make sure we're all on the same page throughout the night.

Nick - Impulse Entertainment
Mike & Robert - Felix And Fingers
Jennefa - DJ Jennefa
James - DJUj

And here are my top recommended wedding planners that will keep things on track and schedule out your day which is tremendous help to vendors like myself!

Tia - Capstone Occasions
Amanda - Amanda Paige Events

Do you have any samples of other videos online besides Trailers?

I have some short samples I can show you upon request, but to respect the privacy of my clients I don't display them publicly for marketing purposes. If you'd like to see a sample of how I shoot and edit the ceremony or reception, please feel free to ask. The playlist of Trailers at the top of my home page may also give you a good idea of how I shoot & edit. And here are some of the differences between the four types of edits I offer.

When should video coverage begin and end?

My suggestion is for video coverage to begin 30-60 minutes before the bride gets dressed, and to finish 30-60 minutes after open dancing starts at the reception. That allows me to get some footage at the beginning of the day with the bridal party getting ready as well as some artistic detail shots of the dress, rings, etc, and 30-60 minutes of open dancing coverage is plenty of time to get great shots of anyone planning to hit the dance floor.

All packages include up to 9 hours of coverage which should cover this time frame in most cases unless there's anything out of the ordinary planned for later during the reception such as a sparkler send-off. More time can be added to any package, even the day-of.

Will you come to multiple locations the day-of?

Absolutely. Unlimited locations are included in every package. But I do offer a discount when the entire day takes place at one location.

Can you describe your process?

One of my favorite things to capture is the small and intimate moments in the middle of an otherwise very busy day. I love catching quick glances or kisses between the couple, or hugs of congratulation from friends and family.

As far as my interaction and direction, I try to be as discreet as possible especially during the ceremony, toasts, and special dances. One of my favorite things to hear from couples after they show people their video is "they didn't even know we had a videographer." The rest of the day, I try to interject myself only when necessary while trying to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere for the day.

Any general wedding advice you can give us?

If the forecast is rainy, bring transparent umbrellas to stay dry but also allow light in to help with photography.

If the forecast is hot and sunny, bring opaque umbrellas for shade.

Your photographer and videographer will want to be ready for everything, and sometimes they need a heads up first. Be sure to let them know ahead of time when you've got something in mind. That includes things like exchanging gifts or letters, first looks with friends, family or venue spaces, or any surprises you have planned that you're keeping a secret from your soon-to-be spouse, wedding party, family etc. Make sure you let your camerapeople know so that they're ready to capture it!

If you're wearing earrings and haven't worn any in a while, try them on a couple days before your wedding. I've had more than a few brides ears bleed, even onto their dresses.

If you're having a signing such as a Jewish Ketubah, have a scrap piece of paper nearby - the same type of paper that the Ketubah is on - so that you can test the pen before signing.

When making your day-of timeline, make sure there's padding between each important moment. Nothing can stress out a bride and groom more easily than feeling rushed or behind schedule. Allow a little extra time when moving your wedding party from point A to point B, especially when people are in separate vehicles.

Deligate responibilies to your best man and maid of honor or ushers. Have them handle the umbrellas, bug spray, communications between vendors or venue, and anything else you think you might need. Find out who in your wedding party plans on having their phone on them all day, and make them your day-of contact for vendors.

Try to arrange for your florist to bring your flowers early on in the day so that they can be used in any photos or video of your details.

Consider having a phone-free ceremony. Guests often don't know when they reach out into the aisle to take photos that they may be obstructing your photographer or videographer from capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. When your guests are seated before the ceremony starts, you can have your officient make an announcement encouraging guests to leave the photography to your hired professionals.

Remember snacks and water!

Bring any unused printed items such as invitations, thank-you cards, etc. Your photographer will most likely want photos of them.

In my experience, the absolute best time to get footage (or photos) of a couple is around sunset during the reception. Not only because golden hour is pretty, but it's the most relaxed moment of the day when all the stress is gone and everyone can take a breath. If you can find 15 minutes or so to squeeze in a photo op around that time, I highly recommend it.

Brides, consider planning a quick reveal moment with your bridesmaids, parents or any other special someone once you're dressed. It only takes a few seconds and can make for a really great photo/video op to see their reaction.

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